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Chapter One “I don’t believe in miracles,” Karen said, looking at her sister-in-law with her lips pressed tightly together. Sunlight shone on Karen’s shiny-clean face, making her look like the “before” photo of a model without makeup. But lack of makeup only revealed perfect skin, high cheekbones, and eyes like…(Read More)

Prologue Cassie had heard that drowning was the easiest form of death. She had no idea how anyone could know that, since whoever said it had lived, but as she drifted down in the deep end of the pool, she decided they were right. She could feel her long hair floating upward, and all weight…(Read More)

Chapter 1 Virginia Riverfront September, 1803 The rain enclosed the little tavern, darkening it so that the lantern’s golden light made eerie shadows on the wall. The late fall sunshine that had warmed the morning was gone now and the tavern was almost cold. Behind the tall oak counter washing pewter mugs was a…(Read More)

Chapter 1 Amy closed her suitcase and looked around the bedroom she shared with her husband, Stephen. Everything was neatly in place, just the way she liked it. Stephen teased her that she’d fall down dead if the clock showed eight A.M. and she didn’t have all the beds made. But he…(Read More)

Part 1 New York City 1994 You can’t be happy in this life because of what happened in your past lives. What would you think if someone said that to you? You’d think, “It’s hopeless, why bother trying.” Right? Or would you think, “The woman telling me this is crazy and I…(Read More)

Chapter One Warbrooke, Maine 1865 As Jamie Montgomery walked through the long house, he didn’t so much as glance about him, for he had grown up in the house and knew it well. Had anyone else seen the cozy comfort of the house, they would not have guessed the wealth of the family that…(Read More)

Chapter One He needed me. Whenever anyone — usually a reporter — asked me how I coped with a man like Jimmie, I smiled and said nothing. I’d learned that whatever I said would be misquoted, so I simply kept quiet. Once, I made the mistake of telling the truth to a female reporter. She’d…(Read More)

Rocky Mountains Summer 1859 Colonel Harrison read the letter a second time, then leaned back in his chair and smiled. The answer to a prayer, he thought. That was the only way to describe the letter the answer to a prayer. Just to make sure it did indeed say what he thought it did, he…(Read More)

Chapter 1 WESTON MANOR SAT SERENELY AND QUIETLY IN THE MIDST of two acres of garden. It was a small house, unpretentious, looking like what it was—an English gentleman’s lodging in 1797. Only the keenest observer would notice that two of the gutters had fallen somewhat or that a corner of one of…(Read More)

Chapter 1 Jocelyn glanced at herself in the hotel mirror for the last time. This is it, she thought. This is the moment. Her instinct was to put her nightgown back on and climb back into bed. Wonder what was on HBO during the day? Did this hotel have HBO? Maybe she should look for…(Read More)