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Would you risk your life—on the love of a lifetime? Charleston, 1799: A daughter of Southern gentility and a gifted painter, Catherine Edilean Harcourt has no lack of suitors at home in Virginia, waiting to fulfill her dream of marriage and family. But Cay’s adventurous spirit, fostered by growing up with her three…(Read More)

Her wedding fast approaching, celebrated chef Kady Long knew she was the luckiest woman alive…until she slipped into a delicate satin wedding dress she found in an antique flour tin and was overcome by an odd dizzy spell. When she came to, Kady was in the dusty western town of Legend, Colorado — where a…(Read More)

Delve into the world of Jude Deveraux’s new Edilean series — read chapters from Days of Gold, Scarlet Nights, and Lavender Morning. Click here to read the sampler…(Read More)