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Chapter One 1299 England WILLIAM DE BOHUN stood hidden in the shadows of the castle’s stone walls and looked at his nephew, who sat in the window enclosure, Rowan’s golden hair bathed in sunlight, his handsome face frowning in concentration as he studied the manuscript before him. William didn’t like to think…(Read More)

Chapter One 1934 Jackie was flying a plane, so Jackie was happy. Soaring high, catching the breezes, winking at the setting sun, Jackie stretched and the plane stretched. Jackie moved and the plane moved. As though the body of the plane were a second skin to her, she could move the airplane as easily as…(Read More)

Chapter One Kingman, California July, 1913 A Gentle breeze stirred the grasses on the flat, rich farmland of the fifteen hundred acres of the Caulden Ranch. The leaves on the fruit and nut trees moved; there were peaches, figs, walnuts and almonds. Corn­stalks dried in the scorching heat. As usual, it hadn’t rained…(Read More)

Chapter One: New York, 1909 “And in conclusion, ladies…and gentlemen…” There was a murmur of amusement in the big auditorium, for there were very few men who attended Temperance O’Neil’s lectures. They couldn’t stand to hear the truth of what Temperance said, couldn’t stand to hear and see what they…(Read More)

Prologue Louisville, Kentucky January 1991 “Why would my father do something like this to me? I thought he loved me,” Samantha Elliot said to the man who had been her father’s lawyer and friend for as long as she could remember. That this soft-spoken man had colluded with her father intensified the hurt…(Read More)

Chapter One Kentucky Wilderness—October, 1784 THE FOREST CLOSED AROUND THE MOTLEY ARRAY of wagons, horses and people. Four wagons, in good repair, stood to one side, oxen grazing nearby, while two carriages, once pretty things, were barely standing on their high wheels. Tired women went about the chore of preparing sup­per while the…(Read More)

Chapter 1 Leslie Headrick looked out her kitchen window at the old summerhouse in the back. Now, in early fall, the vines and twisted stems of the old roses nearly covered the building, but in the winter you could see the glassed-in porch well. You could see the peeling paint and the cracked glass…(Read More)

Chapter 1 Margate, England The house was enormous, frighteningly ugly, and Jace Montgomery had just paid four and a half million dollars for it. As he drove his car slowly through the wrought-iron gates that were set inside square brick pillars topped by stone lions, he dreaded seeing the house. Priory House was his…(Read More)

Chapter One “I don’t believe in miracles,” Karen said, looking at her sister-in-law with her lips pressed tightly together. Sunlight shone on Karen’s shiny-clean face, making her look like the “before” photo of a model without makeup. But lack of makeup only revealed perfect skin, high cheekbones, and eyes like…(Read More)

Prologue Cassie had heard that drowning was the easiest form of death. She had no idea how anyone could know that, since whoever said it had lived, but as she drifted down in the deep end of the pool, she decided they were right. She could feel her long hair floating upward, and all weight…(Read More)