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Chapter 1 IN JUNE OF 1794, THE ROSES WERE IN FULL FLOWER and the lawns were of a green lushness that is known only in England. In the county of Sussex stood a small, square, two-story house, a plain house surrounded by a short iron fence. The house once had been part of a…(Read More)

Chapter 1 England, 1447 The old castle, even from a distance looking rundown and in need of repair, stood surrounded by a clean, deep moat. Outside on the grounds many men trained, practicing with swords and lances. Some fought on foot, some on horseback. Overseeing the training were two men, both big, both muscular, both…(Read More)

Chapter One “I will never marry David Tredwell!” Ariel Weatherly looked in the mirror and rehearsed her speech to her mother. “I am twenty-four years old and I will choose my own husband.” No, she thought. That’s not right. “I have chosen the man I want to marry and I will do so…(Read More)

Chapter One “I ought to kill you, you know that? Just outright murder you,” Jason Wilding said, looking at his brother from under straight black eyebrows that were topped with a lion’s mane of steel gray hair. “What else is new?” David asked, smiling at his older brother, giving that smile of such great…(Read More)

Chapter 1 The Mountains of North Carolina, 1998 I am going to kill him,” Emily Jane Todd muttered; then, her voice rising, she said louder, “Kill him! Murder him. Tear him limb from limb!” She pounded her fist on the car steering wheel, but even as angry energy filled her, she felt it leave as…(Read More)

Chapter One Connie and Kayla were almost the same age and about the same size. Even their coloring was nearly the same. But as alike as they were, they couldn’t have been more different. Kayla exuded golden blondeness, while Connie was pale and washed-out looking. Kayla’s height was statuesque, whereas Connie seemed…(Read More)

1 Fort Lauderdale, Florida “I think we’ve found her,” Captain Erickson said. His voice was forced, showing that he was working hard to control his jubilation. They were sitting at a picnic table at the Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, just off A1A in Fort Lauderdale. It was a September morning, and South Florida…(Read More)