Promises Vook (Video-book novella)

Ethne McTern, descended from an ancient Scottish family, knew exactly what she wanted in life: to observe everything and write about it. Unfortunately, in 18th century Williamsburg, Virginia, this is not an acceptable profession for a woman, so she is forced to write under a male pseudonym. She cannot envision ever finding a man who will understand and appreciate her passion.

Jamie Armitage is a son of the wealthiest man in the country — and his family is determined that he marry a woman chosen by them. In order to avoid yet more arranged meetings, he escapes to the unchartered territories of America, where he has become a renowned explorer. Although the loneliness of his trips has made him long for someone to share them with, he can’t imagine what woman could bear the hardships and dangers of his adventures.

In the summer of 1800, to help a friend, Ethne agrees to tutor Jamie’s nieces and nephews, who are spending the summer in Gracewell, South Carolina — and her trip coincides with one of Jamie’s visits home. When his unruly horse nearly tramples Ethne but she isn’t in the least upset, Jamie makes up his mind that she is the woman for him. Now he just needs to persuade her.

But in Jamie’s relentless pursuit of Ethne, they stumble on a mystery that has remained unsolved for years. They discover a long buried corpse, but they also find a ring so valuable that people are willing to kill for it. In order to track down the rightful owner, Jamie has to face a possible murderer — and Ethne will be forced to risk her life to warn him of the danger.

This addition to the Edilean series will only be available as a vook, allowing Deveraux devotees a special glimpse into the characters they’ve come to love. In this interactive new format, readers will be able to join Jamie and Ethne in the unfolding mystery, by viewing suspenseful videos of possible whodunit murder scene scenarios.

The picturesque setting of this love story is brought vividly to life in evocative film, and offers Deveraux’s fans a unique reading experience.